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Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Pearl Gold AG is a German incorporated holding company which invests in high potential gold mine projects in West Africa. Pearl Gold’s Management Team is committed to creating value for the company’s stakeholders, employees, business and social partners by continually investing in gold mining projects which yield high returns.

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Where We Operate

Pearl Gold AG has acquired an initial participation in Wassoul'Or SA, one of Mali’s most promising mining companies. Wassoul'Or operates the Kodieran Gold Mine in the south of Mali's capital Bamako, with well developed logistic and infrastructure facilities (about 300 km road South of Bamako). The investment in Kodieran Gold Mine is part of Pearl Gold AG’s strategy to invest in high-yielding gold mining projects across West Africa.


Latest News

February 20th 2015:

Update on Pearl Gold’s situation


February 3rd 2015:



September 30th 2014:

Dominique Fouquet resigns from Pearl Gold AG’s supervisory board

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September 24th 2014:

Veröffentlichungen 26 WpHG


September 16th 2014:

Ad Hoc Update on Situation at Wassoul’Or SA

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September 3rd 2014:

Ankündigung Halbjahresbericht 2013, 9-Monatsbericht 2013 und 3-Monatsbericht_2014-2


August 06th 2014:

Ad hoc Change in Pearl Gold’s supervisory board

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Juli 18th 2014:

Ad hoc Pearl Gold AGs supervisory board appoints Michael Reza Pacha new CEO

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Juli 17th 2014:

Ad hoc Pearl Gold AGs supervisory board appoints Michael Reza Pacha new CEO

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June 10th 2014:

Unclear financial situation at Wassoul'Or

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June 10th 2014:

Change in Pearl Gold's supervisory board

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April 28th 2014:

Resignation of both board members of Pearl Gold AG "ad hoc".

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April 9th 2014

Current company situation "ad hoc".

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Pearl Gold 2012 Annual Report